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At Vivid Clouds our ambition is simple: we want all our customers, employees, partners and investors to be proud of their involvement with us.

Customers choose Vivid Clouds for three reasons: first, we earn their trust to manage and maintain their critical IT infrastructure so that they can concentrate their in-house resources on what’s important to them, namely focusing on serving their own customers; secondly, we are really clear on what we are good at, on the value we deliver and more importantly, are willing to advise customers when we are not the right partner for their needs. Vivid Clouds is precise about the value we deliver and transparent about how it is delivered and where our strengths lie. Our aim is to clearly understand how customers’ business systems and technology platform can enhance both their operations and profitability, and offer transformative strategies that can drive up customer service and workplace flexibility to assist clients in achieving more with less, in a way that is sustainable for them. Finally we offer a road map of innovation in technology and services so customers can transform their business to meet new challenges and the changing environment, whilst also helping them transform the way they engage with and support their own customers.

In short, we are our customers’ trusted advisor, expert technology enabler and relationship partner delivering end-to-end IT infrastructure managed services. Please take the time to explore our services and read about our customers’ experiences of working with Vivid Clouds. Whether you are seeking to reduce your connectivity costs and increase service; whether you want to explore the potential of cloud-based infrastructure; whether you want to transform your internal or external collaboration with Unified Communications; or indeed whether you just want someone to take away the pain of looking after your critical IT infrastructure, we would be pleased to talk to you in an open, direct and honest way about how we may be able to help.

Operating Philosophy

An important element to enable us to achieve our ambition is our operating philosophy. These are the set of values by which determine our behavior and how we run Vivid Clouds Managed Services.


Without our customers we are nothing. Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We keep customers at the forefront of our thinking and actions across the business, irrespective of our function or role. Customers trust us to facilitate their transformation and to deliver innovation with reliability, flexibility and value.


We take pride in our people. We are demanding and compassionate. We have an environment where people trust each other and are deeply engaged. A sense of enjoyment and innovation runs through the company. We treat everyone fairly and with respect.


Integrity, internally and externally, is fundamental to how we do business and operate as a company. We are consistent, we are honest and we hold ourselves to account for this behavior. Through integrity we build trust with our customers, partners, people and investors.


Our customers trust us to deliver services reliably and with value. We say what we will do and we do it. We take ownership of problems and are not afraid to admit our mistakes and learn from them.